Episode 5: Chasing vs. Attracting and Dating Fabio (ft. Anika Reitman)

November 3, 2016

What separates the men from the boys? Is it worth it to put yourself out there? Gabi and John discuss unconventional dates, ignoring the red flags in a relationship, and the biggest thing to block potential. And for pete's sake -- what's it like to date FABIO?

In the fifth episode of their live call in show, John Kim (theangrytherapist.com) and Gabi Conti (@itsgabiconti) are at it again -- dishing out great advice and offering up their own experiences as they discuss life, love and hit the phone lines along with guest Anika Reitman (@anikacorinaa) from Catching Kelce! Let's go!

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Music in this episode is by Kevin Hartwell and Kenzo, used under a creative commons license.

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